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About Tommy Vext

Tommy Vext is a rock singer and songwriter best known for being the lead singer of Bad Wolves, Snot and a short stint as the fill in lead singer Five Finger Death Punch.

Vext’s passion for music came early.  He began his career in Brooklyn New York as a teen making his rounds in local hardcore scene. Having created a name for himself by performances at famed venues like CBGB.

Over the years Vext went on to create music and front many bands but his biggest success came when he founded and created Bad Wolves. With ten world tours and hundreds of millions of streams and most notably six number one hits, Vexts stage presence and powerful voice had solidified his place in the rock world for good, creating a loyal and rabid fan base.

Though Bad Wolves first studio album Disobey was released in May of 2017, it wasn't until May of 2018 when they found record breaking, chart toping success with their breakthrough cover of the Cranberries single Zombie. This single topped the Billboard mainstream rock charts for weeks and charted in many other territories globally.

One of the most viewed music videos on the internet, Zombie has been watched upwards of 400 million times. Before her passing, TMZ obtained audio of the original singer Delores O’Riordan offering to sing on the cover.  Considered a love letter by many the video views continue to grow.

In January of 2021 Vext was pushed out of the band he created over differences of opinions regarding his social and political ideologies.  Not falling victim to cancel culture Vext continued to create music, tour, an use his voice to do things the way he wants when he wants.

Known as one of the most prolific and provocative men in rock music, Tommy Vext is just getting started.







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